8 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

8 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity 

A blog about the 8 best chrome extensions for increasing your productivity. We’ve reviewed and rated the best Chrome extensions for getting and staying organized. We’ve got you covered. We did the legwork so that you’d have more time to get things done.

We found 8 Chrome extensions that will make your life easier. A well-designed extension should have these three qualities

  • It’s more accurate and it saves you time.
  • Whether you are in the office or miles away, we help you and your team get things done.
  • Full of simplicity and ease, FocusApp helps you keep your attention on what really matters.
  • Focused on a single task and screen, these apps literally block distractions to make you more productive.

Tixio light


Your personal dashboard for the new TAB page with features like to-do, weather, world clock, and many more!
Tixio Lite is a modish chrome extension to turn your regular browser tab into a beautiful & convenient start page. Begin your workday with a zen mode- personalise your tab with soothing backgrounds & handy features to help focus & inspire.

Whenever you open your browser it uplifts your mood & productivity with an eye-pleasing dashboard along with some useful tools and reminders. But it’s not limited to weather & time widgets – it can do more than that! Use this productivity dash for a quick access to your bookmarks, notes, events & to-do lists. Everything you need will be right before your eyes & a few clicks away. Improve your focus, be more productive & get organised with us.


RescueTime Learns your working style is different from everyone else’s. This is why RescueTime recommends web sites based on what you do—not just what everyone else does. It is suggested that a website be interesting. It is also suggested that a website should contain pictures and videos; however, there are conflicting arguments as to whether or not these aspects make a page productive.

The ultimate time management tool, it tracks where you spend your time. Then it gives you a productivity score at the end of each week. At the end of a day or week, you get a productivity score so you know how many hours you waste on social networks. It’s pretty simple. This tool lets you find clients easier than ever before!


Whenever I am lucky enough to be working with someone as dedicated and capable as you. It’s a pleasure to know that you are there. Thank you Grammarly!

Grammarly’s Spell Check Tool is like your best friend that you never want to leave – another pair of eagle eyes double-checking your work. It works everywhere so you always have it, too. I discovered Grammarly a couple of weeks ago and I can’t stop using this software. It’s free to download and use. And it’s able to catch a lot of mistakes that other spell checkers miss.

Do you also have a lot of photos or need to share an article in Photo Sharing social media? You can copy and paste your contents into Grammarly, then Grammarly will correct your texts. Grammarly works in your favorite social media apps to help you convey your message perfectly.

Spellchecker turns red marks on web pages to green. It makes sure you never worry about typos again and it’s free! Grammarly’s A.I checks your spelling, punctuation, and grammar as you type, ensuring that everything you write is sharp, polished, and mistake free.


Loom is a video recording app that makes it easy to record videos with your friends. Each video is assigned a unique URL that can be shared with the team. The Loom screen recorder allows you to record video for sharing with teammates, allowing for collaboration in real-time. You can pause and resume recording, and add annotations.

We all know the frustration of not getting the point across in an email. A short, clear video can quickly convey exactly what you want to say. It’s a great way to connect.

 Are you always sending emails that aren’t clear? Our videos clarify the purpose of your message so recipients know exactly what to do next. It’s the perfect extension for teams who want to make a splash. Brain is the first Chrome Extension that’s designed to help teams know what they want and need to get done.



Every time you open a new tab, you’ll be greeted with a gorgeous image to give you a moment of calm to keep your mind clear and focused. This web page will give you a moment of peace, balance, and inspiration every time you open a new tab. 

Each day, a new photo and quote will inspire you to stay focused. Just choose your priorities and start ticking off your to-do list.

Staying organized can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why we built a way for you to add-to or view your reminders on every new tab and easily keep yourself on-track.

Pocket Chrome Extension

I can’t stress how much Pocket has changed my life. Everything I need to share, I save to Pocket now. Next week, you’ll be a pro too. I don’t know how I’d survive without Pocket. If the internet is too much to handle, save it to Pocket and pick it up when you have some wiggle room.

I keep all the content I want to read later in Pocket and then share it with friends on social networks when I have a spare moment. Thanks to the Chrome extension, saving an article is as easy as a single click. Whenever you find something good, save it to Pocket.


Freelancers and other remote workers are finding that time tracking is an easier way to accurately report their hours. With our Automatic Timesheets app, you can even automate timesheet creation to help you generate timesheets faster.

Having free time and working on your passion projects is something most people dream about. Good news! It’s extremely possible to live your dream if you learn how to track your time well. Clockify helps small businesses get more done. It’s free timesheets that make it easy to track time and get paid.



Hunter.io is a web app that’s available on your desktop, tablet, and phone. It instantly searches your company’s website and returns all email addresses with the person’s name, email address, and department within seconds. It works with any website, even if you’re not using the same software or CRM we are.

Hunter.io is a free Chrome extension that makes it easy to find email addresses on any website using just your browser.

They’re fast, they’re friendly, and they need your content to grow their network of services. So for your convenience, they’ve put the Chrome extension right here in this very post! Simply click and post!

We’re looking for Chrome extensions that can help users get more things done. We’d love to hear about your favourite extensions and add them to our list. Explore our extensive catalog of the best chrome extensions that allow you to work more efficiently, get the most out of your browsing experience and simplify your life.


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