How To Write Company Blogs_Step 2: Best Project Collaboration Tools


Step 2: Best project collaboration tools

For this time I am going to create 1,500 keywords just to hit the benchmark for the long-form content. It sounds gonna be boring for you, I know that too. In the first place, I am not typically a reader. If you haven’t noticed my first blog you can check here that should be around 865 keywords I used for the article – Best project collaboration tools . So if we are going back to my first blog you’ve learned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts used preview.

Just like this:

  1. You must have a project management application

  2. Get your best project collaboration tools

  3. Be part of Knowledge base software

So at this stage, you are not just learning about project management, project collaboration tools, and knowledge base software but just like my promise the secrets of creating a blog. If you are trying to look at the application where you can check how many keywords, Wordcounter.net
 will help you to monitor how many keywords and characters you are using in your blog. Most SEO experts using the preview just let their readers know what they expect. So, we are on Step #2: Get your best project collaboration tools. You can now click “Step #1:” to understand what is project management and what do you expect for my 1500 keywords for this article. I am not going to give you all the list of project collaboration tools they are using but I filtered what tools you must have or experts using. This is not just an article you can see from other websites where they listed all project collaboration tools just to hit the keywords for the article. Okay let’s start with:

  • 1. Slack

Just like
tixio, Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one workspace. Slack also has many features like when you want to make your to-do list and share your task with the right people. If you wanted to make conversations with your teammate and inform them of your progress whether you belong to a small business or large enterprise, slack is available on any device.

These are the highlights of why you need to use Slack:

  1. Easily to communicate with your team and organize your conversations.
  2. Message or call any person or group within your organization.
  3. Easily search histories like archives of your team’s past conversations and files.
  4. Integrated with Salesforce, Dropbox, Twitter, Asana, Zendesk, Google Drive, and more.
  5. Set-up your notifications so you stay connected to what matters most.

Like tixio and Slack we are helping teams to make their life easier.

  • 2. WebEx

Experience productive meetings, engaging from wherever you are. Did you know that Cisco WebEx can deliver over 6 billion meetings per month? Cisco WebEx provides personalized video meeting rooms and you can use it for team collaboration, training, webinars, or even for customer support.

These are the features of why you need to use Cisco WebEx:

  1. Hands-free voice commands with Siri
  2. You can present from any event, meeting, or training session directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple.
  3. From your calendar it’s one-tap to join directly.
  4. Also, from your app you can schedule meetings directly.
  5. You can share your content (including 3-D files) or screen to everyone.
  6. Lastly, Sign in using Face ID or Touch ID


  • 3. GoToMeeting

Did you know you can easily use it with your Mac, Linux, or Windows GoToMeeting Application? As we experienced even during the trial they will show you what you need to know for your system, including how to connect to audio, start a session, or share your screen.

From instant messaging to video conferencing tools, GoToMeeting helps people even where they are located or what device they have at hand, they can come together and get stuff done.

GoToMeeting delivers a flawless, engaging experience that’s moving your business into the future. In the digital workplace, GoToMeeting empowers your remote team to collaborate seamlessly.

Since we are looking for the best project collaboration tools you have learned the best tools to communicate like Slack, WebEx, and GoToMeeting. We all know that people can’t collaborate if they don’t communicate

  • 4. Asana

Asana is one of the most well-known project management tools just like tixio app, they have common features. This application allows users to assign tasks to other members, monitor deadlines, and add followers to projects. From small to big teams Asana helps to organize stuff so the team knows what to do and how to get it done and they are very useful as a to-do list or calendar for strategic planning.

While bringing your team’s work together in one workspace you can customize the view that suits your style, and even where you are you can collaborate with them.

  • 5. Trello

We talked about
Jira in my recent article. We knew this application used agile, while Trello used agile and scrum. Unlike the other project management tools, Trello and tixio have a unique style to maximize the productivity of teams yet in a creative way. Trello emphasizes wherever you are whatever you do if it’s for work, family vacation, and side projects the app helps you stay organized. All features are still available like adding comments, due dates, attachments on the cards you can still help collaborate within the existing project from beginning to end.

Your creativity needs your team members because the task isn’t always one person’s responsibility. These are the tools you also need:

  • 6. Igloo

Igloo solves critical business challenges because from a digital workplace they can enable organizations to move beyond a traditional intranet. This company allows people to communicate and get work done. Just like wiki allows team members to share all information and ideas. Compared with tixio
they also used wikis and seamlessly integrated with other applications. And Igloo is 100% hosted on Microsoft Azure so all team members can benefit from compliance, performance, privacy, and security.

Igloo solutions are pre-built and user friendly and configured to get you quickly on the path. Whether you need a better way to onboard new employees, Igloo provides space for team members to collaborate.

Congratulations you have successfully read 1022 Keywords, this part should be the last one.


  • 7. Quip

If you are in a big organization focused on customer support Quip has the easiest way for Salesforce customers to transform processes.

They support cases like Case Swarms, Close Plans, and Account Planning. 

Your team can collaborate with documents inside Salesforce. Like tixio they also have planned to release a desktop version but they started off as a mobile app. While teams can import and work live on different file types. The same features that tixio have edited are saved automatically, checklist and comment to make collaboration easier.

Anyway, Quip joins Salesforce Anywhere, and the newest solution to help accelerate businesses in real-time.

I would like to congratulate you again! Because that was the feeling reading 1140 keywords. It seems boring for you I know right because you are not a typical reader and wanted to skip and skip and get important details but at this time if you enjoyed reading this.

You have noticed that these are the tools that help you to get the best project collaboration tools. You don’t need to go to other websites and explore for further information on all tools.

But this is my question: how do you choose? We all know that companies should choose software that meets their individual needs. 

Now you have learned the tools and also, a little bit about tixio by my next article I will show you, what tixio can do and why you need knowledge base software.

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