Tixio Files

All Your File Storages Connected In One Place

Get files from multiple cloud storages synced together for easy navigation and accessibility.

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Sync Files

One place to browse all files

Save time searching for a file on clouds.  Connect your Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive accounts to Tixio workspace. Access files together for easy navigation and searching. No more switching tabs when you get everything at one place.


“Excellent task management tool! Track everything at a glance and never lose your important links or files again! All the drives are synced here so I don’t need to navigate places to find my important stuff – saves a lot of time!”


Noba Consulting

Save Time From Switching!

Don’t switch between tools to get things done. Gather them all in your workspace. Save time and get efficient.



Connect anything that's shared with you

Connect anything and everything that’s shared with you. Get a hold of all the files, documents and more from one place. Add unlimited drive accounts together, let it be your all-in-one storage.

Start The Day With Tixio

A collaborative workspace that allows you to bring your A-game in team management and productivity.