Tixio As A Collaboration Tool

collaboration tool

Collaboration tools are used to share content and ideas with other people. It can be a simple way of communicating, or it can be a complex tool for streamlining the entire process of ideation, resource and work management. 

Who needs a collaboration tool?

Remote teams, hybrid workplaces as well as startups, agencies, project managers etc. needs collaboration tools in order to be able to work together to produce high-quality work. They also need to be able to stay on top of their tasks and track progress. It is especially difficult for remote workers not to be in the same location as their colleagues, but there are tools that make it easier.

Collaboration tools are used by many different types of companies and organizations. They help with communication, project management, time tracking and more. They also give employees the opportunity to work from anywhere, anytime without any problems or issues arising from it.

Tixio as a collaboration tool

Collaboration tools are often chosen based on their features and the needs of the organization. There are many tools in the market serving for a specific purpose, that can be – project management, document management system, chat & conversations, files management, information management etc. 

Tixio is not here to outsmart them all, but only provide you an essence of all tool together. It’s a low-cost, easy-to-use tool that anyone can use!

Think of a tool where you can manage your personal todo, unlimited bookmarks, manage project boards, knowledge base and documents, files, people, tasks, conversations etc. altogether – Tixio is that tool! 

“19.8 percent of business time — the equivalent of one day per working week — is wasted by employees searching for information to do their job effectively.” according to Interact. Source: [A Fifth of Business Time is Wasted]

Tixio is here to solve that problem for you. It can become your digital HQ for tools, teams, and collaboration. A place where all the information will be organized and easily available to everyone. So you get started with work without delay.

Your virtual workspace

Tixio is a virtual workspace where you can connect with teams, change the way of working, and get things rolling faster. With all links, docs, tasks, conversations and information at one place, it’s easy for people to find things they need to get work done. 

You can replace complex and expensive tools for chatting, bookmarking, virtual board, documentation etc. and do it all under the same platform here in easier way.

Some use Cases:

Tixio Board for daily work management

  • Create unique boards for different people and teams. So they can start the day with everything at their fingertips. Add different widgets to make it more resourceful.
  • You can add unlimited boards with work-related websites and links, add important notes and announcements, checklists, small task managers, etc. into a board.
  • Use it as a powerful bookmark manager to replace any bookmark tool out there. Create bookmark widgets with different views, open all links in a click.
  • Bookmark all open browser tabs in just one click with Quick Save extension.
  • Manage tasks and deadlines with an advance task widget. It’s a to-do list with deadlines and priorities where you can assign to-dos to different people. 
  • Embed RSS feed or even webpages in the same board to quickly get your updates without having to switch tabs. 
  • There’s no limit to how many boards you can create. But you can always keep them tidy. Organize into folders for keeping your sidebar clean and sorted all the time. Color code folders for easy finding. 

collaboration tool

Build wikis together

  • Create individual wikis or an entire knowledge base for team. Make sure smooth flow of information across the company.
  • Create unlimited wikis for any purpose- company information, blogs, brand value, guidelines, SOP, technical docs, security and privacy information, plans, milestones and more.
  • Collaborate in real-time with members. So multiple people can edit a wiki together. 
  • Make wikis more resourceful with images, videos or even embedding other webpages into it, such as – figma design files, Google sheets etc.
  • Add comments to brainstorm, share feedback, discussions and more!
  • Mention other boards, wikis and even people in wikis
  • Use sketch in wiki to brainstorm, build flow charts, organograms or even small scribbling.
  • Make wikis public so anyone can see with easy public sharing link.
  • Add cover images, logos to personalize
  • Get an automatic table of contents while you’re creating a wiki. No need to create one from scratch.
  • Organize in folders for easy management and sharing.
  • Get access control so you choose who can edit your wiki or read-only.
collaboration tool

Chat with teams 

Why use another tool just for conversations? Use Tixio chat to chat with teams at the same place you work to reduce the stress of switching and losing focus. We’ve brought you a simple chatting tool with minimal features but the potential for more!

Direct message people in your workspace. Keep your conversations private.

Create channels to add groups of people. 

Discussions are made easier with threads. So you can keep track of the communications easily. 

Share images, links, emojis. Mention people, groups and more!

Navigate cloud drives from one place

If you work with multiple projects/clients/teams, it is common for you to use individual drives for organization, sharing and collaboration. But as a human, it is tough to remember a location of a file in an emergency or the amount of time you spend switching back and forth through drives to find the correct file is daunting. This gets a lot easier with Tixio sync drive.

You can connect multiple drives to your Tixio workspace. Once you do, you will be able to see all the files within those drives in one place. Search for the file with a keyword and voila! Save time, save effort.


Unified Search for easy searching

Now that you’ve added a lot of things to a workspace, searching and finding the right thing is another challenge. With the unified search on Tixio, you can find your desired person/board/wiki/file in seconds. Search with keywords to find everything associated with it and redirect to it in no time. Instead of looking for stuff in an old-fashioned way, switch to a unified search and save some time.

Template Center

Don’t like to start from scratch? We’ve built-in templates for you to try. But there’s more! Our template center allows you to save your own templates as private or public so you or your teammates can use them later as well. 

Tixio Analytics

Get insightful data on team engagement with workspace analytics. Make great decisions to improve team performance and productivity. Tixio Analytics gives you data on workspace engagement. This one is ideal for workspace owners/admins/team leader who can make impactful decisions based on member interactions. Know your team better!

So we hope you see how you can make the best of Tixio as a collaboration tool.  Create a workspace everybody loves. Save your daily work start time and focus more on productive stuff. Get the team work running faster and smother with easy communication, share and sync. 

Contact us through live chat anytime your need support. We’re here to help!

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