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knowledge base software

Powerful editor

Create a Knowledge base with teams

  • Create wikis together with team
  • Collaborate in real-time or asynchronously
  • Add image, tables, diagrams, checklists and more.
  • From company page to user manual, release note, forms, FAQ, guideline, SOP – build anything you can possibly think of!

Custom Sharing

Spread the knowledge

Preserve information that matters! Make your knowledge base available to everyone. Share with individuals or groups with access control or even share publicly!


The cohesive document editor with a good many features. Perfect for internal wiki management. Highlight to me is the restricted sharing, it's pivotal when you're sharing wikis with a lot of people.

Deniz Huseby

Avia Produksjon AS

Create a culture of knowledge sharing

Allow people to access and share knowledge in one platform. Let them grow faster & better. It’s so easy, you can get people started with zero instructions.


Comment & collaborate

Bring it to perfection

Allow people to add comments, share thoughts, discuss and decide on important topics. Perfect it over time with team sync & contribution.

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