Why I Started Tixio? – Story Behind The Concept

Why I Started Tixio? – Story Behind The Concept

Hi, I am Torstein Gustavsen, founder of Tixio.

Tixio is my passion, which is why I’m so excited to launch this new product. I created Tixio simply out of my own personal needs. After six years of managing multiple businesses, I realized I couldn’t find a single software that could completely handle all of my needs. I wanted something that could organize all my favorite software, online tools, and information together in one convenient place. I needed to create software that could fill in the gaps that others left. A system that allows me to organize all the tools and information I rely on for my businesses and share with my team. While browser bookmarks fill this purpose to some extent, they lack the ability to share.

I started planning. How can I categorize and organize the different things that I use? And, how could I share the login information necessary for team members to get into accounts and sites I use every day. While there are single solutions available, none put everything I needed in one convenient place. With the creation of Tixio, that’s all taken care of.


We’re making it easy to standardize the information your team uses and synchronize it every time something gets updated or modified. Every time a new link or tool is added, it instantly gets access to all the different employees, groups, and users that use Tixio today. As we launch our new product, we look forward to receiving your feedback so that we can make this product even greater. For example, a current Tixio user just asked if we could make a note function so that they could stop using Windows Notes and instead easily put it online for it to be synchronized within their entire team. Great idea! A company that uses Tixio asked if we could make a daily checklist for the simple tasks they do every day, something like Trello, Wrike, or Asana but without all of the complex features — nothing more than just a simple checklist. Well, it’s here & it happened because of your feedback.


Tixio Homepage

We want to spend our time, money, and energy creating a product we love to use. To share your thoughts about Tixio and its current platform, you can contact our customer support team and give them your ideas. We’re excited to listen and learn!

Checkout our tool at: https://tixio.io/

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Torstein Gustavsen
Founder of Tixio

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