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Step 1: You Must Have A Project Management Application

Step 1: How To Create A Company Blog

Yes, that’s correct. I am asking myself how I am going to start a new blog. Fyi, this blog is for the company, not for myself, and not for everyone. So basically Tixio hired me to work as a DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIST. Sounds good right??? If you are not a professional or not familiar with the position you will also get surprised. Right now I’ve been working in Tixio for almost a month, and since it is my first blog I’ll show you what my secrets are in creating my first ever blog. And in today’s post, I’ll provide you with exactly my secrets.

  1. You must have a project management application

  2. Get your best project collaboration tools

  3. Be part of Knowledge base software

professional, right? But technically you are wrong and in this case, how come I can write for tixio? And why am I not afraid to write to them? That should be the question we are going to talk about. If you are a professional digital journalist or working with a digital company and expert to write blogs to make social engagement and to drive more traffic because you know it is important. You will notice my 3 steps don’t have a link to get into another topic. Yup, that’s correct because most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts use that kind of format. We all know that not everyone has the skills to write but I know everyone can think of all the ideas the problem is how are they going to show or express the ideas? Most people using blogs, use social media to post or comment. Just like Brian Dean asked “Is there a formula for writing blog posts that people link to and share? No, if there was, everyone would use it.” So technically there is no formula for creating a blog that will succeed. So why are you afraid to write down your thoughts or ideas and create your own? At this stage, you only need people who will believe in you no matter how creative you are or how technical you’re writing the blogs because I know writing blogs are not limited. As long as there is an opportunity to learn and get ideas you can write whatever you want whether you are in the office, at home, or in travel that’s why people create project management applications, knowledge base software, and project collaboration tools to help you organize your work and ideas. Since we talked about the software I will help you to organize your work and ideas. I did some research to provide you with the exact information on how they can help you with your daily needs. If you are working with a company, project management software provides benefits with its combination of features. This software helps project managers even for the teams for their client requirements. Did you know project management tools are expanding? I can share with you the top list and functions of all of them.

1. Jira

Jira Website

Have you heard about agile? because Jira is an agile software and most teams used it to track, release software, and plan for progress. And most agile teams used this as their agile project management tool not just because of features but because they believed every team has a unique process.

2. Teamwork

Teamwork Website

What about workflows? If you are not familiar with workflows, Teamwork helps to simplify what you’re doing for people to understand and get a handle on. You can create different projects, tasks, and milestones. The great thing is you can use it on your devices. If you are iOS, Google Chrome, Web, and Android that should be great because any of your team members can have access to it no matter where they are or maybe what type of devices they use.

3. Monday


We all heard about Monday, not the day of the week but the best successful ads on Youtube. Monday is also the type of project management tool they have many features like Collaboration tools for multiple employees, Email Notifications, Integrations: Dropbox, Google Drive, Pipedrive, a Visual Display of progress even for the Execution Board – with the big-screen display.

 And for the reports? You can get more detailed using Monday as part of that if you know people you can invite them to your team, including third-party agents or freelancers. Monday also has lots of integrations where you can create with your team.

If you are still wondering how I made this article, well just like what I’ve told you there is no right or wrong format in doing your blog. And if you are still interested to learn more about me and Tixio, just click that link, and wait for another piece of content that may catch your attention in my topic: Best project collaboration tools and Be part of Knowledge base software.

I will sustain your needs for project collaboration and knowledge-based software. What are those and when are you going to use them? You will also learn who’s Tixio and how you are going to use Tixio in your daily work.

Step 2: Best project collaboration tools (2022)

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