About Tixio

Why we built Tixio?

Tixio is an ideal organizer tool for people dealing with digital clutter. It’s an online workspace to centralize your web tools, tasks, wikis and files that can be shared & collaborated with teams to ramp up efficiency.

We wanted to –

  • Help people to use and organize their stuff in a better way.
  • Make work more collected, effective and enjoyable.
  • Value our customers and respect their ideas. We work with integrity, providing quality products to the people we serve.

Our Mission

Strengthen Users

We aim to constantly bring in new features to strengthen and support our users to achieve their goals. We’re here to save your time, your effort and your potential for something better!

Ensure growth

We want to grow along with the people who’re using our product. If they can meet the success, that’d be all for us. Every step we take is to ensure that users are learning something new or growing to build something better.

Taking roads less travelled

We are never afraid to take risks. We try out new things, even if they don’t meet 100% success. But we like to create things ahead of others.

Work as a team without the clutter!

Organize, optimize & coordinate.

Tixio was first built in 2016. The great mind behind it, Torstein Gustavsen had a dream to build a tool that could fill the gaps in his work life. It was created out of his own needs.
“After six years of managing multiple businesses, I couldn’t find software that could completely handle all of my needs. I needed to make something myself, something that could organize all my favorite software, online tools and information together in one convenient place. I needed to create software that could fill in the gaps that others left. I wanted to create a system that allowed me to organize and share with my team all the tools and information I rely on for my businesses. While browser bookmarks fill this purpose to some extent, they cannot share.”

– Torstein Gustavsen

That’s the reason Tixio was built in the first place. It can be something you start your day with to get everything at your fingertips.
Our idea is to make teams more productive by helping them to organize information–so everyone can quickly understand what’s happening and start working together again. We keep everyone on the same page so your team can have better conversations and get more done.
Are you ready to get started organizing, sharing, and making your workday easier? Then start using Tixio now!




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Tixio is more than just a place to work

Join our mission to provide industry-leading digital marketing services to businesses around the globe – all while building your personal knowledge and growing as an individual.

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Meet Our Team

Torstein Gustavsen

CEO & Founder

Oddbjørn Gustavsen

Founder & Creator of Opportunities

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For your visual brainstorming
No-code automation for link sharing
Our latest feature
Android / iOS APP
For instant communication and work from anywhere​

Your Tixio Mobile App for quick messaging with teams, instant access to your work and files from anywhere. 

Get insights on your web time activity​

Get instant reports and insights on how you spend your webtime, and improve efficiency. 

Nested folders​
Create folders within folders​

Create multiple layers of nested folders to organize your stuff without mess.