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Don’t waste time looking! Get apps, links, and docs centralized for you and your team. Make knowledge sharing and collaboration your key to success.

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What To Love About Tixio

Tixio Wiki

Create Company Wiki or Knowledge Hub

Create an invaluable knowledge repository that can be shared across teams. Collaborate in real-time to bring perfection to your wikis. Build an information base for the company, make skill-sharing and onboarding easy and efficient.

Sync Files

Connect and Sync Cloud Storages

Skip wasting time on searching and gathering. Connect multiple drives with workspace to get all your cloud files centralized. Get what you need in a single search.

In the words of our users

We have helped thousands of people to organize their tools, teams and know-hows to boost productivity


“Excellent task management tool! Track everything at a glance and never lose your important links or files again! All the drives are synced here so I don’t need to navigate places to find my important stuff – saves a lot of time!”


Noba Consulting


“Finally a bright and simple organizer tool. I can create multiple widgets, boards, folders & share them with people seamlessly. You don’t need to hop around browser tabs when everything is in one place!”

Deniz Huseby

Avia Produksjon AS


“The UI is minimalistic and very pleasing. Loved the customizable widgets and boards. Ideal for people like me who needs to sort multiple project activities. Plus you can gather your files & drives – all at one place to navigate and share.”

Zoran Stojanovic

CEO & Founder Teamlance

Your Personalized Workspace

Tixio can fill the gaps in your work-life. It is a customizable workspace where you can centralize and organize your links, checklists wikis, files, and so on. So you can spend less time searching, and more time focusing.

Collaborate with team

Tixio is a perfect collaboration tool. Invite members to the workspace to share links, wikis and files. Share knowledge and bring harmony to the team. Collaborate in real-time to bring perfection to your wikis. Share feedback through comments. Create groups, control access and more.

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