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A perfect combination of all your favourite tools

Create dashboards for any purpose!

Create a collaboration dashboard for team with quick widgets. Add bookmarks, notes, todos, stickies, calendars, websites etc. Keep it private or share with your team.

Create multiple boards for different work and projects. Collect the things you instantly need for work. It can be links, notes, checklists, tasks, websites, calendar and so on!

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McKinsey says people waste 1.8 hours daily on searching & gathering information. Save that time with Tixio boards by organizing information in one place. Access them quickly without having to search.

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Use boards for onboarding, announcements, project updates, client updates, support hub, knowledge hub and so on! There’s no limit to the things you can do with them!

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Document your work

Your team’s knowledge hub, to keep all information under one roof. A modern wiki with powerful attributes.

Powerful editor with so many tools and options. Add tables, diagrams, images, videos, doodles and sheets and more!

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Create a knowledge source where everyone can contribute. With real time editing and commenting, you can create ideas, policies, guidelines, SOPs etc. together with your team!

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Enjoy automated sharing with members so you don’t have to copy-paste links every time. Rather the wiki will pop-up exactly when people need it!

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Manage no-mess projects

Simple, & flexible task manager with list view, board view etc. to quickly track who’s doing what and what needs to get done.

Manage unlimited projects in the same workspace with countless tasks & sub-tasks. Create separate projects for teams, so they don’t get confused with so irrelevant updates.

Track tasks visually with flexible board view. Quickly know what needs to be done “in a glance”. Move cards easily from one stage to another. 

We don’t limit you with same options for all projects. You can add custom columns and stages to personalize each project for your team. 

Chat without a chaos​

Collaboration without conversation is unviable. So we brought a communication tool right inside your workspace. Communicate with teams without distraction and switching.

Quickly share your thoughts and feedback with team mates with Tixio chat. Keep chat window at fingertips all the time!

Remove frictions within team with group chats. Keep your team on the same page. Share updates, docs, files and more!

Focus on a topic among countless group chats. Reply in discussion threads for a dedicated conversation. 

Chat on the go with Tixio app!

Connect with teams seamlessly, anytime, anywhere!

Use your tools better, together!

Tixio helps individuals and companies to use their cloud systems better by organizing them in a convenient way. Enjoy easy access, manage and collaboration among teams.

Work 10x faster!

Less time to onboard, more time to work

Companies spend a lot of time and money on training, onboarding and operating on different online applications.

Tixio solves this problem by combining the most used tools together, such as- tasks, chat, dashboard, docs, whiteboard etc.

It’s so easy, even your grandma will love it!


Hack your productivity with integrations

Connect your cloud drives, embed videos, designs, docs, calendar, sheets and more to your workspace, With everything collected together, you can focus more on working, than searching!


Know before you try. Get a quick walkthrough!

Get in a 15 min call with us before you get started. We will talk about Tixio as your ultimate team collaboration solution. 


Deniz Huseby

CEO of Avia Produksjon

Finally a bright and simple organizer tool. I can create multiple widgets, boards, folders & share them with people seamlessly. You don’t need to hop around browser tabs when everything is in one place!

noba consulting


Noba Consulting

Excellent task management tool! Track everything at a glance and never lose your important links or files again! All the drives are synced here so I don’t need to navigate places to find my important stuff – saves a lot of time!

Review 1

Zoran Stojanovic

CEO & Founder of Teamlance

The UI is minimalistic and very pleasing. Loved the customizable widgets and boards. Ideal for people like me who needs to sort multiple project activities. Plus you can gather your files & drives – all at one place to navigate and share.

Use Cases

Don’t take our words for it. Check out these use cases to determine if this is the right collaboration tool for you.

Accordion Content
For your visual brainstorming
No-code automation for link sharing
Our latest feature
Android / iOS APP
For instant communication and work from anywhere​

Your Tixio Mobile App for quick messaging with teams, instant access to your work and files from anywhere. 

Get insights on your web time activity​

Get instant reports and insights on how you spend your webtime, and improve efficiency. 

Nested folders​
Create folders within folders​

Create multiple layers of nested folders to organize your stuff without mess.