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Tixio is built for organizing information that adapts to your work style, giving you the ability to turn any surface into a workspace.

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We make work more effective, organized and enjoyable.

We value our customers and respect their ideas. We work with integrity, providing quality products to the people we serve.


Our mission is to make teams more productive by helping them to organize information–so everyone can quickly understand what’s happening and start working together again. We keep everyone on the same page so your team can have better conversations and get more done.


Meet Tixio, a gathering of your digital worlds and transforming the way you work. When you do more efficiently, you achieve more. When you achieve more at work, you’re happier. Tixio helps you get started! Tixio was founded in 2016 and launched as an independent startup in June of 2017.


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Our Valuable Team

Meet the Team

20+ people that are frantically balancing the future of productivity

Torstein Gustavsen

Founder and Creative

Oddbjørn Gustavsen

Founder and Creator of

Emelie Bjurling

Adventure Consultant

Joakim Jarl

Imagination Interpreter

Axel Borgefalk

Software Engineer

Life at Tixio

20+ people that are frantically balancing the future of productivity

A tool to organize your online resources, notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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