Creative dashboards or a common space for teams

Keep your most used stuff together for easy management. Add bookmarks, notes, tasks and more!

Tixio Board - Best organizer

Add unlimited widgets

Fill your boards with amazing widgets, drag and drop to arrange them together. Create one central dashboard for every project.

Bookmark faster

Save links faster and better with Tixio. A powerful bookmark manager to manage your unlimited bookmarks in seconds. Create collections, customize and even share with your team.

Memorize with quick notes

Jot down information on quick notes that you can organize and share. Or even use it as an announcement panel for teams.

Track your tasks and deadlines

Add tasks on shared boards, assign people, and track deadlines and priorities in a go.

Get things done with checklists

Create a to-do list, prioritize and get things done. Skip wasting time on trivial tasks – be organized and focus on what matters.

Navigate webpages together

Don’t get fixated on a single website for hours, embed all your favourite webpages on board. Scroll to browse updates and interact quickly. Save some time from switching.

Create your first board!

Don’t like to start from scratch? Our templates got you covered.


Christmas Planner

marketing goals


Marketing Goals Template

project plan


Project Plan Template



UX Analysis free template

company mission statement


Company Mission Statement Template and everything you need to know

meeting minutes


Meeting Minutes Free Template

Accordion Content
For your visual brainstorming
No-code automation for link sharing
Our latest feature
Android / iOS APP
For instant communication and work from anywhere​

Your Tixio Mobile App for quick messaging with teams, instant access to your work and files from anywhere. 

Get insights on your web time activity​

Get instant reports and insights on how you spend your webtime, and improve efficiency. 

Nested folders​
Create folders within folders​

Create multiple layers of nested folders to organize your stuff without mess.