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Earn 40% Commission for 12 months

Earn 40% commission for every payment made by a user in Tixio, who used your referral link to signup. Continue earning from you referral for next 12 months. 

Step 1

Become an affiliate

  • Sign up for Tixio Affiliate Program
  • Get a unique referral link

Step 2

Lead visitors to Tixio

  • Share the link to friends and followers to signup to Tixio. 
  • Anyone signs up with your referral link and makes any payment in Tixio- you’ll get 40% commission from that. 
  • You can track visitors, leads as well as purchases in your affiliate dashboard. 

Step 3

Earn like a pro!

You will earn 40% commission for

  • every upgrade made by your referral across multiple workspaces. 
  • every member added by your referral across multiple workspaces. 

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We offer commission for each qualified referral who signs up through their affiliate link.

You’ll get 40% of each qualified purchases made through our app for the people singed up with your referral link. You’ll keep receiving this commission for each purchase made by that person for next 12 months.

We pay commissions through PayPal.

Our custom tracking is hard-coded into our platform so you always get credit. We have several ways of tracking sales. The primary way is a cookie drop from your affiliate link. This stays on your customer’s browser for 30 days so you can get the sale even if they don’t commit right away (unless the customer clears their cache & cookies before then).

Your referral will not qualify for referral credit if the customer: Is already a Tixio user Referral payment is declined View the full affiliate program terms here.

Rewards are available 120 days after a referral purchase made.

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