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Bookmark Manager

Feature-rich bookmark manager

  • Declutter your browser and save unlimited bookmarks right on your board; access them anytime, anywhere!
  • Turn them into collections so you spend less time looking.
  • Customize them for better look and feel.
  • Share hundreds of bookmarks with team easily.

Finally a bright and simple organizer tool. I can create multiple widgets, boards, folders & share them with people seamlessly. You don’t need to hop around browser tabs when everything is in one place!

Deniz Huseby

Avia Produksjon AS

All Your Bookmarks In One Place.

Put together a large collection of bookmarks. Ideal for power users who work with numerous links every day!


Quick Save

Bookmark from open tabs

Stop wasting time on saving one link at a time. Save all open tabs from browser at once with our Quick Save Chrome Extension. Store them by dates and turn them into collections right on your Tixio board. Makes bookmarking all so easy!

Save Unlimited Bookmarks In Seconds

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