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Start earning a 40% commission for every purchase made by your referral on Tixio for 12 months.


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Earn a 40% commission for every payment made by a user in Tixio, who used your referral link to signup. Continue earning from your referral for the next 12 months.

A Complete Collaboration Tool For Teams

Do you know, people roughly waste 2.5 hours a day (30% of a workday) searching for information and switching tools? We’re here to solve the problem.

Too many tabs? Save time with Boards

Create space for you & your team with resources at fingertips.

Save time with quick saving unlimited bookmarks at once! Organize, customize and share.

Time to stop keeping notes here & there. Add quick notes to your daily dashboard for teams and projects.

Connect people, assign tasks and manage deadlines right with simplest task manager.

Tixio Board - share for better collaboration

Document your work

Build an informed culture within the team. Document & scribble everything that needs saving and sharing.

Create unlimited wikis, arrange them in folders to manage faster. 

Create wikis together as a team with real-time editing.

Share wikis within the team or even publicly. Showcase your work wihtout hesitation.

Workspace communication

Communicate with teams without distraction and switching.

Express your thoughts with clarity. Make communications more lively and interactive.

Remove frictions within team by chatting in groups. Keep your team on the same page.

Chat with your collegues, get small confusions cleared

Manage no-mess projects

We’re soon launching the easiest task manager you ever needed!

Manage projects at any scale. Assign tasks, priorities, deadlines to team and get them done on time. 

Automated roadmaps and calendars to keep things prioritized and focused.

Track progress better with list or board view, never miss a deadline again!

Affiliate Resource Centre

Tixio started its journey in 2016 as a Company. The great mind behind it, Torstein Gustavsen Founder & CEO, had a dream to build a tool that could fill the gaps in his work life. That is where he began his quest and came up with Tixio to help other people to manage their work faster and in a more organized way.
Tixio is an online workspace where you and your team can work together, and share links, docs, files, and more. You can use Tixio boards for organization, Tixio wiki for documentation, Tixio files for cloud drive connection as well as Tixio Lite as your Chrome browser extension.

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Pricing FAQ

An affiliate program is the set program, where by signing up one can sell or promote a particular organization’s products or services and earn commission from the selling products or services.

You’ll get 40% of each qualified purchases made through our app for the people singed up with your referral link. You’ll keep receiving this commission for each purchase made by that person for next 12 months.

We pay commissions through PayPal.

Our custom tracking is hard-coded into our platform so you always get credit. We have several ways of tracking sales. The primary way is a cookie drop from your affiliate link. This stays on your customer’s browser for 30 days so you can get the sale even if they don’t commit right away (unless the customer clears their cache & cookies before then).

Your referral will not qualify for referral credit if the customer: Is already a Tixio user Referral payment is declined View the full affiliate program terms here.

Payouts are available 120 days after a referral purchase made. So we ensure the time within which your referral may claim a refund.

Accordion Content
For your visual brainstorming
No-code automation for link sharing
Our latest feature
Android / iOS APP
For instant communication and work from anywhere​

Your Tixio Mobile App for quick messaging with teams, instant access to your work and files from anywhere. 

Get insights on your web time activity​

Get instant reports and insights on how you spend your webtime, and improve efficiency. 

Nested folders​
Create folders within folders​

Create multiple layers of nested folders to organize your stuff without mess.