Enjoy minimalist way of project management and collaboration

Hundreds of teams & businesses use Tixio Task for their project management and collaboration everyday. You can give it a try as well!

project management

Manage no-mess projects

Simple, & flexible task manager with list view, board view etc. to quickly track who’s doing what and what needs to get done. 

Manage unlimited projects in the same workspace with countless tasks & sub-tasks. Create separate projects for teams, so they don’t get confused with so irrelevant updates.

Visualize projects better with Kanban view. Quickly know what needs to be done “in a glance”. Move cards easily from one stage to another. 

We don’t limit you with same options for all projects. You can add custom columns and stages to personalize each project for your team. 

Chat on the go with Tixio app!

Connect with teams seamlessly, anytime, anywhere!

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Turn tornadoes into breeze!

Do you often get overwhelmed by insane list of tasks and projects? Let’s stop the tornado in your head and organize them better. Enjoy an easy-to-use project manager with a minimal, aesthetic appeal, making organization and management faster.

Kanban to the rescue!

Think of your project as a serene Zen garden, and tasks as little pebbles. Kanban lets you arrange these pebbles in a way that brings tranquility to your project landscape.

Prioritize painlessly at a quick glance! Move around the canvas and get things done faster.

It's versatile!

Built-in chat for teams!

Break team silos with instant chat without having to switch to another application. Chat individually or in groups with Tixio chat – available for all workspace members. 

Don't take our word for it!

Accordion Content
For your visual brainstorming
No-code automation for link sharing
Our latest feature
Android / iOS APP
For instant communication and work from anywhere​

Your Tixio Mobile App for quick messaging with teams, instant access to your work and files from anywhere. 

Get insights on your web time activity​

Get instant reports and insights on how you spend your webtime, and improve efficiency. 

Nested folders​
Create folders within folders​

Create multiple layers of nested folders to organize your stuff without mess.