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Christmas Planner

What is a Christmas Planner?

A Christmas planner is a tool or system designed to help individuals or families organize and manage various aspects of the Christmas season. It serves as a comprehensive guide to keep track of tasks, events, and preparations leading up to and during the holiday. The goal of a Christmas planner is to reduce stress and ensure that everything runs smoothly during this festive time.

What does a Christmas Planner Include?

A typical Christmas planner may include the following elements:

  • Calendar and Scheduling: A section for planning and scheduling events, parties, and gatherings during the holiday season.
  • Gift List: A space to list and track gift ideas, recipients, and budget considerations. This can also include a checklist to mark off when gifts are purchased and wrapped.
  • To-Do List: A checklist of tasks to be completed, such as decorating the house, sending out holiday cards, and preparing festive meals.
  • Menu Planning: Sections for planning holiday meals, including shopping lists, recipes, and a schedule for cooking and baking.
  • Budgeting: A financial planning section to keep track of expenses related to gifts, decorations, food, and other holiday-related costs.
  • Decoration Ideas: A space for brainstorming and planning Christmas decorations, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Card List: A list of individuals or families to whom you want to send Christmas cards, along with their addresses.

How to make a Christmas Planner?

Determine the Format:

Decide whether you want a physical planner (notebook or binder) or a digital one. Digital options could include using a spreadsheet, a word processing document, or a specialized planning app.

Create Sections:

Identify the key sections you want in your planner. Common sections include Calendar, Gift List, To-Do List, Menu Planning, Budgeting, Decoration Ideas, Card List, Travel Plans, Traditions, and Reflection.

Set Up a Calendar:

Dedicate a section to a calendar where you can mark important dates such as parties, events, and deadlines. You can use a monthly or weekly view, depending on your preference.

To-Do List:

Make a comprehensive list of tasks to be completed. This can include decorating, sending cards, shopping, and other holiday-related activities. Prioritize tasks and set deadlines if necessary.

Menu Planning:

Include a section for planning holiday meals. This can include a shopping list, recipes, and a schedule for cooking and baking.


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