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What is a Concept Map? Definition and Guideline
We gather a lot of information from a lot of places. It can be through the internet journals, books, or social media. It is very difficult to remember all the information and work based on that. People usually remember things when they are able to visualize anything. According to research people can retain 65% of […]

• 5 min read

A progress report is a document that provides an overview of the work that has been done during a project. It can be used to show the advance of…

• 5 min read

In an era of increasing digital clutter, managing and surfing unlimited links that we save as bookmarks is a real struggle for some. Let us tell…

• 5 min read

Step 3: Knowledge base software  If we are going back to my previous article from the last part I asked you what you choose for your compan…

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