Project Management with Tixio

Easy and scalable project management with Tixio

Nowadays modern workflow has been changed. With the digitalization process and advanced technology every workplace is looking for something that can bring value to them and their organization. 

Tixio can help you centralize all your workflow in a single workspace. You can create any project for any team, any purpose, it’s designed to scale and match to user needs to shop any project. Improve task management, visibility and communication in projects with Tixio Tasks. Let’s see how it can solve your common problem: 

The Problem:

Imagine you’re building a startup that requires a lot of different genres of work. As a project manager it’s important to keep tabs on everyone and everything going on. But how do you do that? Project management tools out there in the market are usually very complex to understand and make people accustomed to. Also, they charge you a lot!

Certainly you need something that is simpler, makes more sense with very little effort. So you can spend more time working instead of learning tools. If you have 10 teams using 10 different tools for project management, you will eventually lose the visibility and clearly lose the control over how things are going. It will increase the dependencies on sharing updates, create blockers and slow down the progress. Also you may lose a lot of money for nothing.

Our Solution:

  • Centralize your work

Tixio tasks is simple and minimalistic, so it takes less time to adopt. It can be scaled and customized to any team’s requirements. Also, you can create and manage multiple projects and teams simultaneously but with complete privacy. One team’s information will not be accessible to others, but as a team leader you can get complete access to all projects at once. It saves your time and money, improves visibility for clear and impactful decisions. So it becomes one project management tool for all the teams.

  • Giving updates to stakeholders is now easier

Having a central platform for all projects makes it easy to share updates to stakeholders who have different levels of context about initiatives. Certainly, cross-functional partners require more detail than executives.

Previously, a PM had to first collect information from different tools, then organize and prepare a usable report. It’s complex! Not to mention, how much time and effort that would take. 

Task Module

With Tixio it becomes simpler since everything is in one place. You can share live updates with clients/ stakeholders with limited sharing. They can put their comments and feedback in it. Now everyone has clarity, so now you have happy stakeholders. 

  • Privacy

With Tixio tasks you can keep privacy to all your updates. Like we mentioned before, one project team will never see what other teams are doing, but you can create unlimited projects, sub-projects and maintain them simultaneously. Also, clients with limited access will only be able to see updates, not being able to change anything in tasks, but can share their comments. You can also create private projects that’s only visible to you. Anyone in the workspace can do it for their own todo management. Tixio maintains complete privacy to the contents you add or create.

  • Making projects more transparent and efficient

Fragmented tools created a lack of transparency in your project management process, resulting in a slowed shipping speed that can be detrimental for a fast-growing company.

Using Tixio, you will be able to consolidate projects happening across teams into one place. This visibility helped project planning, execution, and communication — enabling teams to deliver value to its customers faster.

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