Knowledge base software

Step 3: Knowledge Base Software

Step 3: Knowledge base software 

If we are going back to my previous article from the last part I asked you what you choose for your company that meets all your individual needs. These are the criteria where you can choose the best tools for your company:

  1. Ask for integrations and compatibility
  2. Pay attention to privacy options
  3. Prefer multiple features


Ask for integrations and compatibility

Integrations are key, did you know it’s better to use a tool with multiple features? Well, not every time. Occasionally, maybe you can discover the tools to do one thing perfectly. And compatibility is always important, like our tools should support all the file types from our team.

Pay attention to privacy options

We wanted to make sure our files are protected so always check privacy options before you choose a service. We know that collaborating with members doesn’t mean all team’s conversations and files should be public. Even you, think about having private conversations or work on sensitive projects.

Prefer multiple features

If you are going to use all the tools you may experience excellent service but only focused on one aspect of your team collaboration. If your teams end up spending time changing complementary software I suggest that your team look for a tool with many features so they will be more creative in many different ways.

Now you have learned the criteria, we can now move to our last topic which is knowledge base software. Just a quick review from my previous article you have learned about project management for Jira, Teamwork, and Monday. Also, you got tips on how you are going to create a blog that is inclined with SEO like how to use a preview and how many keywords you can use.

If you are really interested in SEO you will notice that my recent blog only has 1,294 even though I said 1,500. I’ve got you, right? Don’t worry, not all the time you are required to make your article have 1,500 words. For me, it will be based on how many times you are going to create the article in a week and how you are going to create an engagement to your readers that’s so important.

So this is the perfect time to learn more about knowledge base software.

Just like what I’ve said in my previous article, why do you need to use knowledge base software? Thinking about you is going to create an article for the company, and that article should be the guide, steps or process on the product or services they are providing. The company will expect they have many queries that’s why you created an article for them. Instead of repeatedly answering customers’ questions the article you made will be stored in data which is your knowledge base software.

So systems provide convenient self-help services once the support can’t figure out how to perform a task. Most importantly, it helps save businesses lots of time and money otherwise spent answering common user questions.

So one of the features of using tixio is to help you with your knowledge base software. I’ll show you some of the screenshots and simple steps on why you need tixio for your knowledge base system.


Wiki Collaboration

Thinking about you starting to work in an IT company, of course, you are not familiar with everything that they are using like codes, data, and languages. Knowledge base software will help you to guide from the process you can view the history, collected data, and provided steps. Just like other departments like accounting they are using formulas and different rules. The human resource department, they have guidelines that need to be followed so despite any department you are located at you need tixio for your knowledge base storage where you can use it daily.

These are the features you should remember for your system to be more efficient.

Make sure the searches are functioning as we all know every one of us needs a guide to be able to search for our articles and guides as we encounter situations we easily use this function to solve our problems. 

Secondly, the categories. We could easily interrupt while updating our resources because we are using one database for our articles. A simple categorization system or archive helps keep the entire system organized and as a result, we can make it easier to browse. 

Thirdly, an easy to use backend dashboard. As you go along you are going to create hundreds of articles, tutorials, questions, and guides. Consider you should always put the user first and be able to easily create all these types. A simple or easy to use backend system will go a long way, you can provide all the needs better.

Fourthly, a feedback system. Yes, every suggestion is important to improve your system. We have to find what was the problem with our system and get feedback on the best thing to do to help them better. 

Lastly, with reports and analytics of these features, we can easily track what guides or articles need more improvements. You can learn which knowledge base posts perform better.

Now you have learned how you are going to choose and what are the criteria for your collaboration tools and knowledge base software.

At this stage, I want you to focus on tixio. Did you know this application is still free? And if in case the application upgrades to a newer version you only need to pay lower than what you think like 10$ or 5$ a month? Because the normal service from other applications ranges about almost 10$ a month or higher than that. You can check our pricing and you will be surprised. 

Not just we are offering lower service for our customers, we are also offering secure data for your businesses even if you are an enterprise or individual. Take note, I only mentioned the range per one tool if in case you are going to use more than one but how about the others? Of course, you also need to pay for them too for your monthly expenses. Until you get the right tools and suite for your businesses.

Tixio has been developed to lower your expenses for your business. Tixio helps you with your goal every day and improves your teamwork to work as one. Tixio is not only helping you to execute your all plans based on all your ideas and creativity but Tixio helps you to organize every stuff that you have on your browser or even on your mind. 

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